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Your Newest 2019 YWPL 40 Under 40 Inductee

Dominique Lyric Robinson November 18, 2019

This past weekend, one of my dreams that I have played over and over in my head came true.

I stood on a stage where my career highlights were read to an audience and I was honored for all of the hard work I have done over the past decade. I wore a fancy dress, and nervously but graciously walked down the stage to hear roars of applause for my accomplishments. I kept repeating in my head, “Just don’t fall”. And just my luck, I strutted in my gown and didn’t have an epic viral fall.

This girl, from the south side of Chicago, was was inducted into the Young Women’s Professional League and received the 40 Under 40 award!

Last year, I attended the awards ceremony in celebration of Danielle Mitchell . It is amazing how I sat in the audience manifesting how I too would become inducted and be honored for my career success and service to my community. In that moment of being supportive to her, I was inspired by each and every woman in the room, including the founder of the organization, Cheresa Purnell. 

Moments like this come once in a lifetime. And I am so grateful that my life is so full and there’s still so much more left to live.


Dominique Lyric Robinson

Dominique Lyric Robinson is Founder and Content Curator at Lyrics By Lyric. She is also a badass advertising exec with a proven track record to build brands, client relationships and looks to educate young and seasoned professionals on the power of personal branding and self- advocacy.

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