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Episode 6: The Side Hustle

Dominique Lyric Robinson September 17, 2018


It is always a great time when you get to catch up with a friend from high school who is now making power moves in the industry. My guest, Chris Arceneaux from LinkedIn, Active Group Solutions, Cherry Knoll Events, and Innovators Events and Marketing Solutions dropped some serious gems on the art of the side hustle!

We discussed the pros and cons of having a side hustle and a corporate job as well as some advice for folks looking to balance the juggling act of having both simultaneously.

This week’s listener got some great advice so be sure to check out the episode today!

Check out the episode below:



Dominique Lyric Robinson

Dominique Lyric Robinson is Founder and Content Curator at Lyrics By Lyric. She is also a badass advertising exec with a proven track record to build brands, client relationships and looks to educate young and seasoned professionals on the power of personal branding and self- advocacy.

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